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Laurent Bourgoin was born in Normandy France and studied design in ceramic and glass in Paris. These first steps on the road to becoming a potter were enriched during his travels to Morocco where he learnt to throw with local craftsmen.


The first company he created with his brothers was named after the argan tree, or the goat tree. The present-day workshop 500 Degrés followed as a solo project and opened in 2003 in the heart of the ancient quarter of Montpellier on France's Mediterranean coast. 


Laurent works with porcelain and stoneware. He is committed to making beautiful and comfortable household ceramics for everyday use. Accompanied from the beginning by his partner Allison, their shop is comprised of a ground floor boutique and a workshop with firing kilns in the basement.


Allison takes great pleasure in taking care of the customers whilst Laurent is at the heart of the production in the workshop.

500 Degrés
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